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Lake Tahoe Autumn

Whoa! Did you just see that? I caught a glimpse of it, I think it was summer that just flew by! When that happens I’d say it is a good sign. It simply means we didn’t sit around bored or otherwise uninterested waiting for something to happen. Of course if that is how any season went for a living being here in the basin then there are probably deeper issues at work there, maybe we will go there in a different article. Yeah right.

Fall is such an emotional season for anyone that likes to spend time off of their couch. For those who like summer, this is a sad time of year. Summer took forever to get here, waiting, waiting, making big plans for the summer, I’ve gotta’ do that trail and get that peak, oh and take the dog to swim up at that lake this year. There is the garden or the lawn, all the prep work to get the boat in the water, the top off the 4X4. Summer gets going and bam, it’s over!

And for those who love winter it is so emotional because the wait for snow has just gotten much shorter and not so hot! The predictions about what type of winter it will be, watching how much snow has melted out of the Cross on Mnt. Talac, watching the squirrels gathering their winter stockpile, watching the wood burners gathering their winter stockpile. Where did you get your pass? How fat are your new skis going to be? Excited anticipation!

Even if we look way back to the original “locals” here, the Washoe people. They would be like, “Oh we just finally got the teepee dialed and the fishing is so good. But I’m not ready for cold toes and I can’t wait to get over the hill and smell some sage, and see if that herd of deer has grown.” What a mixed bag of emotions!

What about the traditional side of Fall. It is the time of harvest, Halloween and Thanksgiving. These events are all about gathering. We would be gathering crops, friends and Family. And of course we would be gathering some money to send to Hallmark!

For me personally, this is the time of year to go outside and get it done in a totally different way. Try something new, look at a completely different side of the mountain. Go out and ride a trail you might normally walk. Walk a trail you might only ride. Go out on that trail by moonlight if you can catch one of the magnificent Harvest moons. In fact we just did one of those a few nights ago. Being up high or even out on the lake under a full moon is one of the most magical things ever! And yes that does include that period of the sixties which some of you may have some recollection of.

You are all dialed and in great shape from doing your “normal” thing, almost to a point of fault. It’s been done so much that you can go through the motions almost on automatic. This is a huge sign you need to do some mixup. This is when the person with the XC bike needs to go to Northstar and learn some new big bike skills. This is when the big bike downhiller needs to get on a road bike and try a lap around the lake. How about the hiker jumping on a bike and putting together what would normally be two or three hikes to make it just one wonderful day ride. I would like to see some of those fixie folks come over to the shop and try a ride on a real fixie, the Pennyfarthing! A really fun thing to try is an overnight trip in the backcountry by bike.

The other great thing about this time of year is that work starts to slow down a little. Those who were whining about it being too busy all summer will now be whining about it being too slow. This is the time to go farther. Do a road trip. I love picking up that map and ”tryin’ to get there!” Go harvest some new views somewhere.

Personally this is all just confusing to me. I love whatever season I’m in, but man that was a fun summer and there are of course a bunch of things I didn’t get done including some work on the TeePee and some big drops that we have been looking at through the binoculars. But snow season is just that much closer and I can’t wait.

The hardest part of this whole Fall season for me is that one minute of daylight we lose everyday at sunset, sorry but that is just wrong! Is that whining? I’ve got it, next full moon we will hike Freel peak naked and ride saucers down the sand chutes, that will be different! Anybody want to go?


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